2016 Rotarian of the Year - James Gallimore
2016 Rotarian of the Year
James Gallimore
(Photo: Terry Little)

Prior to 1992 several awards were given out each year for a variety of accomplishments by Rotarians, but club leadership decided to honor just one Rotarian each year -- and in 1992 the first Rotarian of the Year was awarded.

Since then, 24 members of this club have been named the Rotarian of the Year. Of these 24 -- 13 are still members of this club; a couple have moved away and are members of other Rotary Clubs and several have passed away and are serving in a better place.

As the Rotarian of the Year, the recipient will automatically become a Paul Harris Fellow.

This year’s recipient has been a short-timer by Rotarian of the Year standards -- as previous honorees have averaged 16 years in the club before receiving this award. This person has been a member of this club for less than 2 ½ years. This past year, this person has served on several committees (Christmas Parade, Apple Dumpling Adventure, Interact, Dictionary, Bill Wells Make a Difference Day) in different avenues of service and was the chair of the Amphitheatre committee. And during our membership focus this past year -- this person sponsored 3 new members. These are all great accomplishments, but this person has done far more for this club in the past year. This person worked with a great group of club members in constructing our first-ever float for our first-ever nighttime Christmas parade. And when the lights went out on our Santa float -- this person was there to get the lights back on. However, probably the most significant contribution this person has made to the “Greatest Rotary Club in the World” this year is their tireless efforts in helping to make the Rotary Amphitheatre a reality -- Congratulations to James Gallimore for being named the 2016 Rotarian of the Year!

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